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Social media branding for a new website:15 Do's and Don'ts.

Congratulations on your new website.


Wait! Does your website is optimized with all social media platforms?

Can your audience hover into your Instagram account or Facebook pages to get updated or connect with you?

Do you've social share icons over your web page so that users can share your posts?

Do you provide value-added benefits to your audience through your social account?

If your answer is negative in any of the above statements.

Then you've to fasten your seat belt and work on every front to boost your social platforms to your website.

Everyday Thousands of Websites or millions of blog posts are getting updated.

There are hundreds of blog posts either updated or created on the same relevant topic.


How to make your blog post that withstands from others?

The answer is a social media channel.

Social media channel is a great platform to boost your post and generate targeted traffic.

(Make sure you've got the excellent quality of content) that's a prerequisite.

It doesn't only help us to bring traffic but also helps in building a brand.

And this is what I'm gonna talk about that.

How could you differentiate your brand with the help of social media?

Why social media?

I hope the above Infographics can make clear sense about the importance of social media and its impacts.

Why do you need social media for branding your new website or business?

Social media is the first choice of a marketer when it comes to the brand-building requirement.

But to match the customer expectations is still a challenge in itself.

Social Media Strategy is widely used among industries for promotional activities.

Still, it becomes challenging when the marketers have to frame the brand building strategy along with the social media strategy.

The main objective of the Brand building strategy is to communicate with touchpoints of customer expectations and to provide a great user experience.

Here Social media plays a very strategic role by touching the persuasive and emotional touch with the customers.

Social platforms help the brand by touching these essential elements.

Act as an emotional connection with the users.

Creates Perceived value among users.

Builds relationships with users.

Great Platform to interact with your users and get there feedback.

It helps in segregating unique users from visitors.

How to Optimize Your Site for a better social media branding presence?

There are lots of practices to build your social branding.

People get confused when it comes to Branding.

Because it's not a lot of things, people say it is.

Thus, They end up wasting a vast amount of time.


I've divided into DO's and DONT's so that it'll be easy for you to strategize your approach.



It's good to have a logo on every social channel so that people can resonate with it, but it's not a part of Branding.

Most of us have the misconception that logo is brand, but it isn't,

It's a symbol of the brand.


Sometimes people in the services industry relate Branding with the product and think they don't need to optimize for Branding.

Which actually isn't.

It's an intangible asset.


When you build your website, you've primary colors and then their complementary colors.

But, when it comes for social media post, we choose colors what our favourite colors are or go with gut feeling.

The background color of the post, the font color doesn't match your website interface,

Hence it doesn't appeal, and the audience fails to resonate.



You're getting thousands of traffic on your website every day.

But Wait, how many of them are regular users in it.

If they do, they came through the Organic Source, Direct Source, or through your social Platform?


Paid promotions are a great method to promote your content or websites. It is preferable to generate a major chunk of traffics on websites.

Most of us misunderstood that promoting your content is a part of Branding.

No, it's not

They are visitors who have come through click-bait, not because of your perceived value.



There'll be a time when you've to post a series of posts over various social media platforms that can cause rush.

BUT wait, You don't need to post every day or every alternate day because

First, it'll make you tiresome unless you hire (social media manager).

Second, it'll be hard for your users to be updated every day, and they will miss your posts.

To make your process streamlined and approachable,

You need to specify days and post only on those specific days

So that it'll be easy for you and your followers to follow up on your posts.

Like in my case, I post on Wednesday and Friday over my social accounts.


Spent 80% of your time promoting your content and 20% creating it.

Because most customers will come through your promotion.


What do you post on social media for engaging your customers?

Do you just share the recent post over your FB page, Instagram account, or your twitter handle?

Is it?

Most of us admire the power of knowledge. Knowledge which we get regarding the Technicalities, Trends, and updates in the market.

We either use this knowledge to show off or help in self-development.

Just take an example of yourself

You bought a skateboard, and you started from scratch.

Your search about the stance, how to do tricks like Ollie, Backflip, Heelflip, etc.

You go through various blog post video tutorials, and at last, you connect with them socially and follow them up.

Now, which one will you prefer?

A post on every weekend regarding new tricks

Or post with tricks plus value addition like about the History, Trends, Testimonials, Behind the Scene, etc. regarding skateboards.

Well, definitely there'll be high user engagement where customer find more perceived value,

And That's your target

To maintain high perceived value among users through social media, and that's how you'll differentiate yourself.

And your step towards the brand image.

Customer loves to feel delighted when someone offers content on what they like, not what you want.

You always want to post concerning your audience give them what they really need.


You have a website regarding dog food, and you post over social media regarding dog diet.

What they should eat.

How to feed them

And promote your products.

Here you don't need to be confined to your product only.

You can also post regarding what's making your dog more friendliness.

How you can make them feel more lovable.

What are there likes?

How do they react to a stranger?

You can share a video of a dog helping humans.

Which shampoo to use for a dog bath.

The main funda is here; you have to provide valuable content to them.

Your product is not selling shampoo or selling dogs. Still, these all problems are related to dogs, so whenever they need help, they recall your words, and subconsciously your brand comes in their mind.

Whenever they go to buy dog food, your brand will come in their brain subconsciously.


You've been to a pizza store and subway and observed that they prepare your food in front of you.

It gives the customer a sense of personalization and trust.

You've to make a feel exact through your social media posts.

Show them your revenue model.

Your strategy behind the task.

Your goals.

Show them your struggle when you were in there position.

Your tips and tricks behind your post so that they feel delighted.


Suppose you are a write a blog regarding various Recipes.

Post video while you are making it at your home so users can relate it with.

And feel more genuinely through your blog.


Whenever you write a blog or want some recommendations, it's better to ask your audience than experts because, in the end, they will review your post.

Consumer insights don't only help you to write a better blog post.

Still, it also likes respect to your customer, and the customer will definitely appreciate your effort and will help in increasing the perceived value.


People, especially your followers or influencers, are very keen and excited to know what's going behind the scene.

They are curious to know your daily lifestyle, how you manage stuff, what's your inspiration what tools you use etc. etc. etc.

Make sure you post that adds value addition and inspires them.


Go live over Facebook, insta or if you have youtube channel go to it.

Do some interactions with them, greet your customers, answer their queries, and tell them your future plans.

If you organize an event to invite them or meet up.

The purpose here is to make them feel that for you, they (users/subscribers) matter first.


Suppose you made an ad campaign for your next project, but it failed majorly.

Don't hide it from your audience, show it to them through your social media posts. Write about it.

Because it reflects your honesty, and the user will feel more trust and bounded to you.

It’ll also give them the motivation to take the risk.


Overall social media is a great way to make brand awareness among visitors.

The only thing that you need is to dedicate and always think towards your customers.

How can you provide more value through your post?

Does it work for them, or it's outdated?

Be Honest and loyal to them.

Reflect your creativity in your work.

And provide value-added content to them.

Till then, I'm signing off.

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Share, Care, and spread the love of knowledge.

Do yourself and help others.

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